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GE Global Research Job Opportunity

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Posted position: Energy Systems Engineer

Level: Entry-level position

Role summary: As an Energy Systems Engineer, you will propose, assess, and develop novel renewable energy systems by creating integrated thermal/mechanical/economic models and by conducting experiments to mitigate critical risks.

Essential responsibilities: Assesses novel renewable energy systems concepts by working with a team to create analytical models and conduct experiments. Develops detailed 1st and 2nd Law thermodynamic models, creates conceptual mechanical designs, and evaluates engineering economics. Makes system-level trades to optimize concepts and direct component-level research. Identifies critical assumptions and technology gaps. Designs and conducts detailed analysis and/or experiments to address these gaps. Systems of interest include, but are not limited to: wind turbines, concentrating solar power, organic rankine cycles, supercritical CO2 power cycles, geothermal power, and hybrid renewable+fossil systems.

-Doctorate degree in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Systems Engineering, Engineering Physics, or Physics OR Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Systems Engineering, Engineering Physics, or Physics with at least 3 years industrial experience in energy systems.

-Demonstrated ability to construct detailed engineering models of energy systems.

-Demonstrated ability to conduct system-level trades.

-Demonstrated ability to identify technology gaps and to conduct detailed analysis and/or experiments to address these gaps.

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