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Course Development Assistant *Application Deadline Extended*

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Paid part-time job for 3-12 months. Hiring dates can be flexible. Starting date can be
immediate, and can extend into the 2015/2016 academic year. Availability during summer
2015 is required.

Eligibility: Has taken graduate or upper level undergraduate engineering or science courses
on the topic of heat transfer.

Project goal: To develop a set of experimental and numerical modeling demos for the NEEP
411 course, Nuclear Reactor Engineering. The demos will be developed with input from
the industry. Some examples of the concepts that the demos are designed to demonstrate,
grouped by (1) thermo-physical or thermo-mechanical properties; (2) physical processes; and
(3) abstract engineering concepts: (1) Thermal conductivity, volumetric heat capacity, heat
capacity, thermal diffusivity, absorptivity, viscosity, thermal expansion coefficient, young’s
modulus. (2) Conduction, convection, radiation, heat flux, momentum diffusivity, differential
thermal expansion, thermal stress, friction losses in flowing fluids. (3) Heat flux, momentum
flux, thermal resistance, gap resistance, scaled experiments, slip ratio, void fraction, steam
quality, Pr, Nu, Re, Bi, momentum conservation, mass conservation, thermal energy
conservation, temperature profile at an adiabatic boundary. This project is funded by a UW
Madison Education Innovation Small Grant. Extended project description, and NE 411 course
syllabus can be found here:

Responsibilities: The course development assistant will help design and assemble
experimental demos, purchase teaching demos, and create computer simulator demos to be
used in the NE 411 course. The students will interact with engineering companies and technical
education companies, he or she will develop interactive computer models, and will design,
build and test small experimental demos.

How to apply: If interested in this position, please email professor Raluca Scarlat
( no later than Monday, May 18th, with your CV, which should highlight
your relevant coursework, project experience, teaching experience, and ability to work
independently and creatively. In your correspondence, please indicate your dates for summer